Weebly Website Builder Review – Rating, Pros, Cons [2022]


Weebly Website Builder Review – Rating, Pros, Cons [2022]

Weebly Review

Weebly Review Summary:

  • Year Founded 2006
  • Number Of Websites Built With 3 million +
  • BBB Rating F
  • BBB Review
  • Trial Length Unlimited
  • Trial Cost $0
  • Ad-Free Cost $0

What is Weebly?

Since 2006 Weebly has been one of the most popular free website builders in the business. With a mission to help people create their own websites without any complicated learning curves, Weebly has since enabled over 3 million people to realize their dreams of building websites for their businesses, schools, churches, special events, and more.

Weebly Features?

Some of Weebly’s best features include its ability to create a website and blog together, and its easy-to-use drag and drop website builder that requires little to no technical knowledge to use! When offered alongside the dozens of professional designs available as templates and Weebly’s offer of free hosting it is easy to see why this website builder has been turning heads!

One of the goals of Weebly’s creators was to provide a way for people to create professional-looking websites without the high costs traditionally associated with web design. By offering multiple packages (some which require a fee) Weebly is able to offer free website building and hosting services while still maintaining a profitable business. With their most basic package you can experience the benefits of a free website, blog, and web hosting for them as well!

Weebly Pricing – Weebly Free Plan

For a free service, Weebly offers some pretty impressive features including:

  • No ads – While many free website builders and hosts will allow you to work with their products, they will require your finished site to include an advertisement of some kind. Not Weebly!
  • Free hosting – Not only can you design a website for free using the Weebly site builder, but you can host your finished site for free too.
  • Choose where to publish your site – If you already own a domain, you can still use Weebly and simply publish your finished website to your own hosting. If you don’t have a domain yet but would like one, Weebly can help you set everything up before your site goes live. If you choose to host your site with Weebly, a subdomain will be created just for your website.
  • Ease of use – With a true drag and drop user-friendly builder interface it is possible to build a nice-looking website with Weebly that is not only good looking but functional as well.
  • Customization – Weebly offers over 70 different designs that users can choose from to create their websites – interactive tools such as RSS feeds and media adders can help users include rich media and interactive elements to their pages with almost no effort.

Weebly Issues

If there is a downside to using Weebly, it would be that they do not have a very big emphasis on real-time customer service. They do offer support via email, which if you think about it is still acceptable for a free service assuming that you didn’t experience any major issues.

If you decide that you would like to upgrade your account to a premium or “Pro” account you may do so at any time. The average cost is about $5 a month and this will allow you to have a website that is packed with even more features than the free version. Once you have upgraded you will have up to 30 days to evaluate the service – if you choose to downgrade back to the free version at any time during this 30 day period you may do so with no questions or penalties. If you would like to see what sorts of benefits you could receive by upgrading, Weebly offers a video on their website detailing the difference between the free and pro versions.

Weebly Review Summary

Overall Weebly is a great choice for people wishing to create a website for their small business, school, church, or just for themselves. If your website will be seeing more traffic or once your business takes off you may want to consider upgrading from the free to the pro version, but this is only a suggestion, you are welcome to keep the free version of your website as long as you like!

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