Website Builders Basics. Beginners Guide, Glossary, Faqs

Website Builders Basics. Beginners Guide, Glossary, Faqs

Our website might help you understand the basics about building a website with third-party services, such as a website builder.


What is a Website Builder?

Website builder is an online instrument that is required when customers want to make a website without the necessity to write and correct the code manually. Nowadays every person can launch own website, share unique content and business ideas, etc. We consider that creating a website is a great start even if you do not plan to earn huge amounts of money but are willing to bring something new into the Internet. In general, website builders allow everyone to build a simple non-obtrusive website. However, do not think that such kind of website cannot be extremely popular.

TechCrunch, BBC America, Beyoncé, Best Buy, The Wall Street Journal Law Blog, Mozilla Blog and other highly rated website are built on the… WordPress platform. Just follow to the aforementioned websites to assess the quality of pages. As you can see, with most website builders you can make a personal site that is highly readable, navigable, and which has a contemporary appearance.

What website can you create?

There are different types of website builders on the market, and they can be sorted in three main groups: blog platform (WordPress, Joomla!, Weebly), Ecommerce-websites (PrestaShop, Shopify), and usual websites. This is not a strict arrangement, because modern website builders’ companies attempt to offer all-in-one solutions, so their customers can make personal websites of any type. When using appropriate templates, you lessen the task of navigation through the pages. In blog, you can speak your mind freely and reply to visitors’ comments. If you are selling products, special Ecommerce templates can arrange all the elements with their descriptions correctly on the webpage.

There is no huge difference between usual website and a blog; theoretically, the layout of information varies a bit, and there are no commentaries on the ordinary site. Blog also can lead to a website and complement it; in such a way, blog assumes a function of direct contact with customers. Ecommerce website varies vastly from blog or usual website. You can post your news and add other content via special program (CMS) or online on the website builder’s page.

What is a Content Management System?

Content Management System is a software program that you install on your computer in order to apply all changes on your website offline. Content Management Systems or CMS are usually included in the website builder company to help customers edit, publish, arrange, delete data and ensure overall maintenance of a website. In addition, you can use CMS as a centralized storehouse of videos and images, documents and other data.

CMS incorporates two essential components – Content Management Application and Content Delivery Application. The first one implies a front-end user interface for handling content on the website, while the latter is designed to gather data and bring the website up to date.

Such website builders as WordPress, Weebly, Joomla and Drupal (and many others) offer CMS, so their customers can extract the most power from using website builders’ services.

Personalized Design with Website Builder

It seems that everyone believes that creating a website based on some website builder’s service is not a great idea, because the website will not distinguish itself from other similar projects. Actually, this information is not correct. Wix,, Squarespace or any other website builder contains numerous templates (from several dozens to several hundred depending on the company). Other good news is that any template can be personalized and changed anyhow in order to distance from other websites, although it depends on what platform you choose when creating own artwork.

We must add that certain website builders imply more customizations than others do. It depends on your desire, whether you want to build a website as fast as possible or create a website with modifications to available clichés. We do not mean that simple use of clichés is a drawback or a disadvantage. Trying more features of a website builder takes time to getting used to them, and capturing the full benefits; for that reason, as a newbie, you can try to play with ‘toys’ and ‘articles’ on several website builders. You can definitely rely on suggestions made by website builders as they are interested to keep their customers, therefore you will not lose. To add more, remember that you can change the template to any other at any time!

Free of charge

We did not mention it before, but most website builders grant free access to their services, free hosting, free choice of domain names. Yes, there are some restrictions (everyone needs to earn money), but these restrictions cannot put you to flight. Free trial periods in most builders are as long as 90 days. It is staggering that you can freely build a website on Joomla platform for three months to understand how everything works. Such policy gives you a lot of time to evaluate the benefits of any company and decide whether it is worth continuing with it.

Website Builders FAQ

How to know the net price of a website builder? What are the key factors that form the end price?

The great thing is that we all have got a choice which service to use – paid or free. If for some reason you’re not ready to pay for a website builder right now, you can always do it later and upgrade to the level that you need. There’s also another available opportunity. Some website builders are offered at a very basic price, but they’ve got a number of useful additional features. Of course, it’s not the ideal solution for those customers who plan to use some specific features which may lack the basic solution. Some of the options may cost you extra money.

Do the companies usually come with a package of social marketing services?

It goes without saying that media marketing can make miracles to the online presence. If you’re a small-sized business that plans to promote itself and grow, media marketing is exactly what you need. Hence, if you’ve definitely decided that you want to promote your website and use social marketing services, select a company that comes with a rich set of marketing services. It’s gonna be great money investment.

How to create a website. What do I need to know about website optimization? Is it really so important?

Both, seo and website optimization are a must for a website. Without these key elements, you may not find your content on the web. Optimization is a vital option for those users who’d like to see their website on the Internet. Good website optimization can place your website high in the search engines so that people come to your website first before they find any other resource.

How to decide on a website builder with such a variety of options?

The good news is, you can totally rely on the selection of website builders that we’ve prepared for you. Knowing exactly your needs and wants will help you a lot to find an ideal solution. If you’re planning to sell things, you may be more interested in an e-commerce website. More advanced users who’d like to modify the look of the site time after time, would be more interested in customizable website builders that offer a plethora of tools to apply designing skills.

Will I have free hosting plan? What exactly do I need to build a website? The important bits and pieces one should know

If you want to build a website, you definitely need to get a suitable platform, some virtual space on the Internet and unique domain name to present yourself. Without any of those components, you website won’t be able to operate. Therefore, it’s gonna be a great idea to find a website builder with the full package of services. At first, it will be cheaper, and at second, more convenient. It’s always easier to work with one provider rather than switch from one to another.

Do I need a mobile version of the site?

Well, the answer is surely “yes”. In the modern world it’s important to go responsive, considering the amount of mobile devices that people use to access the Internet. Besides, you can use an analytical tool to check out in what way most users arrive to your site. You may be surprised to find out that a big part of customers visit your page from a mobile device. That is why it’s important to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly and easily adjustable to any screen size.

Website Builders Basic Glossary

Learn the basics of Website Builders Lingo.


Audio Plug-Ins

Tools that let you add and share audios on your website.



Bandwidth is the amount of data that your web server can transfer at once.


Color Palettes

Applying pre-arranged sets of colors to your website.

Customizable Templates

Customizable templates are website pre-designed webpages, which you can modify to your likeness by adding, moving or deleting any part of the preset.



A service provided by your hosting company that allows you to set a unique name for your website in the world web.

Domain Name Search

An ability to find a suitable domain name by means of a website builder.

Domain Name Transfer

An ability to move your existing website to the new registrar without losing your domain name.

Domain Search & Registration

A service that allows you to find and register your own unique domain name.

Domain pricing

The amount of money to be paid for a domain annually.

Domain privacy

Domain privacy is a service that allows you to hide your private information by replacing your info in the WHOIS with the info of a forwarding service.

Drag & Drop Editor

An ability to copy, modify and change position of your content on a webpage with simple mouse movements and clicks.


Ecommerce Templates

A set of templates for your successful online store.


Email support lets you get qualified assistance via email correspondence.



FAQ, or “frequently asked questions” is a list of questions most commonly asked by the users and answers for them.

Free Domain Name

Registering a unique domain name for no cost.

Free Hosting

A free hosting lets you host your website in the Internet for no cost.

Free Stock Photos

A collection of free images to use on your website.

Free Trial

An opportunity to use the website building service within a specified time limit with no payment involved.

Free Trial Term

The duration of your free use of the service.


International Domains

An ability to register domain names to be accessed worldwide.



A knowledgebase is a public database to get detailed information about any service provided by the website builder.


Layout Templates

Layout templates are preset ways to choose how your data will be arranged on a webpage.

Live Chat

Live chat support allows you to get immediate help and information from the website builder technical support team.


Mobile Compatible Templates

Website templates optimized for use on mobile devices.


Number of Templates

A website template is a pre-designed webpage or a set of webpages, which you can use to add and modify your own text content and images.


PayPal Buttons

Ability to integrate PayPal services into your site.

Phone Support

Phone support service allows you to contact the support team and get support directly via phone calls instead of mailing or messaging.

Photo Gallery Tools

A set of tools to organize or edit the images displayed in your website gallery.

Premium Domain

An opportunity to become the owner of the domain that is already registered.


The cost of services provided to you by the website builder.


Shipping Tools

A set of tools to manage the delivery options of your store.

Shopping Cart

A website-integrated service that lets your online store users view and manage their purchases.


The space on a web server, provided to website owners by a hosting company.


An ability to organize your web content in specific areas of your website under a memorable name, as part of your main domain.


Templates By Category

Website design templates grouped by themes or features.

Ticket System

A ticket system lets you apply your issues to the support team and track the fixes.


A tutorial is a guidance that helps you operate your website with the website builder.


User Forums

User forums allow the website builder users’ community to communicate directly with each other and exchange impressions and solutions on any possible problems.

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