Moonfruit Website Builder Review [2022]

Moonfruit Website Builder Review [2022]

Moonfruit Review

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  • Templates 9.0
  • Features 9.0
  • User Friendly 9.5
  • Pricing 8.0
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Moonfruit Overview

Between the amazing templates, the brilliant design of features, the easy integration of outside services, and the simplicity of their editor, Moonfruit may be one of the best options for a website editor out there.  With a product that is just as accessible for web designers and artists, as it is for small business owners and those who have never done more than check their email on a computer, Moonfruit has definitely designed a winning product.

Why use Moonfruit? in-Depth Template Customization

  • Simplistic, but Powerful, Editor
  • Access to 1,000′s of Widgets

Let’s do a little investigating…

Moonfruit Templates & Designs

An Intuitive Take On Templates

Template Selection – Moonfruitprovides more than 100, elegant and professional site templates. These its competitor’s typical templates though, they are designed to fit in with the web 2.0 world. Their designs pop and most of them already have some social media features built into the template.

Customization- There is a great system used here that takes Moonfruit up a notch from its competitors, and that is the use of multi-layered templates. What this means is that first you choose a template for design, and then you choose a second template for navigation, making initial customization powerful and easy, right from the get-go. Their editor also provides full customization of any element on your page, as well as letting you change HTML and CSS code yourself if you want.

Multimedia- Moonfruitgoes all out in this department, not only providing basic multimedia but giving you so many options that if it wasn’t for their great organization system, it might be a bit confusing. They give you access to 12 different audio widgets alone, not to mention their access to the huge service Widget Box, which easily allows you to choose from 1,000+ widgets that are not already included in their system.

Moonfruit – Artist Website

Moonfruit- Design Website

Show clients your best marketing tools with your own design website.

Moonfruit – Ink Shop Website

Create new options for tattoo artists with a free template for an online ink shop.

Moonfruit – Photography Website

Create a place to share your work with a free template of a photography website.

Moonfruit – Wedding Photography Website

Offer your services to loving couples with a
free template for a wedding photography website.

Moonfruit- Wedding Website

Help couples remember their best day with a
free template for a wedding website.

Moonfruit Features

Moonfruit provides so many great features that it would be impossible to talk about all of them here, thanks mostly to their ingenious integration of a service Widget Box. By using this system, they not only grant access to the almost 100 widgets that they have built into their editor, but they allow easy integration of the1,000+ widgets that are available for free through Widget Box.

Social Media Integration

Yes. All of the major Social Networks are available and easy to integrate. If you can’t find your network within their 15 or so widgets, you can easily find what you’re looking for in Widget Box’s 100’s of social media widgets.


Yes. A wide choice of widgets are available, but as mentioned before, the inclusion of Widget Box gives access to 1,000+ widgets that cover anything you can possibly think of.


Yes. Has all of the basics needed for SEO, with widgets that allow you to cover more advanced SEO methods easily.


Yes, but products limited by Package.


Yes. Their editor includes a mobile mode that allows you to preview your site on a mobile device, as well as edit specifics about how it will be viewed on mobile devices.

Yes. Has easy to use widgets to help integrate most major ad networks. They will also walk you through creating a Google Adsense account if you don’t already have one.

Visitor Statistics

Yes. Integrates directly with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster

Custom Domain/Email

Yes, but not available in the free package.

Moonfruit User Friendly

Smooth, Easy To Use Editor

Moonfruit’ssite editor is very easy to understand once you start using it. It is reminiscent of older Mac OS interfaces, and after playing with it for a few minutes, it becomes easy to see how powerful of a tool it really is. Everything about this editor is optimized and easy to digest, with menu structures thatmake sense and all of the dialogs explained in plain English.

One of the great parts of this editor is that every element on your page has its own customization box when you select it. This box provides all of the dynamic abilities of CSS, broken down into tab groups that make sense. If you want to add an element to your page, you just simply drag and drop it onto your page. When you drag and drop items in other editors, most of time you will have to edit it to make it look alright within the confines of your page. This is not a concern when using Moonfruit, as the most basic of these changes is made automatically for you, making everything you add look like it belongs.

Moonfruit Pricing

Mid-Range Pricing That Makes Sense

Moonfruithas some very balanced packages available, while none of them are bargains, they are all affordable.  Offering a solid site editor along with a variety of packages that range drastically in price is a smart move onMoonfruit’s part, and with their industry standard hosting packages, there is no reason that they couldn’t find a way to fit into most people’s budgets.

Moonfruit Support

Great Support And User Community

  • Email Support
  • Video Tutorials
  • Support Center
  • Blog
  • Forum
  • SEO Help
  • Phone Support
  • Live Chat

The support provided by Moonfruit is great, providing courteous responses and they even walked me through tech problems that weren’t directly related to their software.  In addition to this, the user community is thriving, so you can easily find an answer to any question.  The only things they were right from was not providing live chat or phone support, but with the speed that they answered my emails, its hardly a problem.

Moonfruit Summary

Widgets for everything
imaginable Excellent Templates
Intuitive Site Editor Design Fast,
Reliable Support

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