How to Build a WordPress Website?

How to Build a WordPress Website?

If you are looking for a cheap web hosting, then WordPress web hosting is the answer. After choosing your hosting service, it’s time to build your WordPress website.

WordPress is considered the best content management system for your website due to its excellent security measures, reliability and ease of use. A perfect WordPress website can be created through a series of easy to follow steps.

Choose a domain.

The first step on how to build a WordPress website is to choose a domain. It is important to have a domain since users can easily find or share your website to other social media or network such as The are available articles that can guide you in choosing a domain. A domain can be bought from GoDaddy, Sedo and iWantMyName.

Choose the right hosting package.

You also have to choose a hosting package which is considered significant since the wrong choice of a hosting package will result to issues in your website. Selecting a web host must be based on limitations such as the number of bandwidth and storage that can be allocated, hosting company profile and experience, and the price. You must consider if the host provides for a trial period to assess its competitiveness as well as know about additional costs so as not spend a lot in building a WordPress website. Recommendations from friends who have availed of hosting services are very important to ensure appropriate selection.

Upload your WordPress.

To upload your WordPress, you need to download and unzip the latest version of WordPress prior to uploading it to your hosting account using file transfer protocol or FTP. Creating a database where all WordPress data is stored is done by using the host control panel. When installing WordPress, some basic information are needed to complete the installation and the creation of your account. You can now log into the admin panel once the information have been submitted.

Choose your theme.

Choosing a WordPress theme which is the design for your website should be based on all your requirements and its ability to be customized. WordPress themes can be bought from ThemeForest, StudioPress and WooThemes. After installing WordPress and after selecting themes, you will make some basic configurations like activating a tool for detecting spam, configuring permalinks, adding Gravatar.

Update your website.

WordPress should also be secured to make it hard for anyone to exploit your website by keeping WordPress up to date, not using wp_ as database table prefix, and removing admin user name. Plug-ins are also ready to install.

Essential pages such as home page, about page, contact page and products/services are created so that a person who visits your blog can find what they need immediately.

Search engines should be optimized so as to draw as much targeted traffic as possible. You can then set up analytics and set-up a backup for both database and files so as not to lose all online assets using either VaultPress, BackupBuddy or WP-DB-Backup.

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