Godaddy Website Builder Review [2022]

godaddy website builder

Godaddy Website Builder Review [2022]

Godaddy website builder review

Godaddy website builder review Summary

  • Year Founded 1997
  • Number Of Websites Built With 12 million +
  • BBB Rating A+
  • Trial Length N/A
  • Trial Cost N/A
  • Ad-Free Cost $1.00

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Forget their steamy Super Bowl ads. With a newly updated website builder, GoDaddy is heating up the services it provides for business owners, bloggers, and e-commerce sellers alike. Since its foundation in 1997, GoDaddy has prided itself on being the all-in-one solution for webmasters, offering a simple yet effective shopping cart solution. Now, with the update of its website builder, GoDaddy aims to provide flexibility, solutions, and custom services for its users like never before. Here’s what you need to know.

Getting Started with GoDaddy Website Builder

Right off the bat, it’s incredibly simple to begin building an impressive website through GoDaddy. With three popular options for site owners (personal, business, or business plus), you can ensure that you get the services and specifications that you need. Of course, if you begin and realize that you need more features, it’s easy to upgrade and move up to the next tier of site services. Though GoDaddy doesn’t offer a free trial, there are online forums, an online help centre, and 24/7 customer service work to keep customers satisfied with their account orders.

Drag, Drop, and Build with GoDaddy Builder

One of the features GoDaddy has really improved with its website builder is the easy-to-use tools that make it incredibly simple and quick to build a professional website. Through its drag and drop builder, GoDaddy has created an intuitive way for anyone to create a site. This feature allows you to arrange a site based on how you think it should look and perform, resulting in a site that is user-friendly and appealing.

Drag and drop GoDaddy’s builder

Faster planning. Instead of having to worry about HTML or a complex process to get the site you want, drag and drop makes it easy to get the look you desire immediately. In the long run, this expedites the process of establishing and growing your web presence.
Freedom to experiment. When you hire someone else to build your site, you’re at their mercy and don’t have the convenience of seeing every change and update. With drag-and-drop, however, you have the freedom to experiment and keep the entire process in your hands. It couldn’t be easier to ensure you get the exact look and layout that you want.
Solid architecture. When you start experimenting with drag and drop, it’s clear that GoDaddy has developed solid templates with various opportunities for customization. No matter what template I experimented with, it was clear that each one was as easy to customize as the last. This is what’s truly impressive about GoDaddy’s website builder: that no matter what template or feature you’re using, the ease of customization is equally intuitive across the board.

Godaddy Builder Design Options

Whether you’re looking to create a site for your photography services, small business, or opinionated news rants, GoDaddy has hundreds of site designs available to choose from. You could literally spend hours perusing the options available, so it’s clear that there’s a design solution for virtually every need imaginable. From corporate themed sites to designs for personal use, GoDaddy covers the base with its website builder design gallery.

Godaddy Builder Features:

Regardless of which design is selected, some incredible features include:

  • Responsive design.
    This allows your website to function and adapt to the device it’s being browsed on. For instance, the site will automatically adjust to display conveniently on smartphones and tablets, but will revert to the desktop version for computer browsing. This is a critical feature in today’s increasingly mobile age.
  • Intuitive tools.
    Aside from getting the design and general template that you want, the tools that the website builder provides allow you to customize it to get exactly what you want. It couldn’t be easier to make it your way without having to worry about the complexities of web coding.
  • Social integration.
    Because social media is so critical to online success, GoDaddy has made it incredibly simple to integrate social media apps naturally into your site. This allows visitors to share your posts and information at the click of a button, thereby growing your traffic, exposure, and business.
  • Free Domain
    With 12-month plans from GoDaddy, you can ensure that your site and web presence remains consistent for your visitors all year long, as well as enjoy a free domain along with hosting and marketing tools. With more features like unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space for advanced users, you can rest assured that your site will be fully functional even during peak traffic hours. Furthermore, the 12-month plan makes it convenient to get all the tools you need at once for the entire year.

Comprehensive Support from GoDaddy

Despite the ease of use that drag and drop provide, building a website can potentially be a difficult task. Even if it isn’t, there are many opportunities for questions to arise. One of the key features that are particularly notable and beneficial for customers is the 24/7 customer support services that GoDaddy provides.

With an extensive knowledge base of common issues, GoDaddy makes it easy to find the answers to common questions that arise from using the website builder. However, if you want personalized service or have a more complex question, you can find the answers and services you need at any time of the day. Furthermore, the online forums and groups allow you to network with other webmasters, which allows you to learn the tricks of the trade and even share ideas with current site owners and builders.

GoDaddy Website Builder Summary

Ultimately, the website builder and services that GoDaddy offers can all be summarized in one word: convenience. Serving as your one-stop shop, GoDaddy offers easy-to-use tools such as drag and drop that allow you to build a beautiful site from hundreds of customizable designs. With a 12-month plan and 24/7 customer support via telephone or online services, it’s easy to ensure that you get the help that you need.

Stay mobile, practical, and convenient by using the newly updated website builder from GoDaddy. Whether you’re a personal blogger or business owner, the GoDaddy web builder was designed with you in mind.

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