Build a Website Guide [2022]

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Build a Website Guide [2022]

How to Build a Website Guide

  1. Choose Domain Name

So you’ve chosen to start your own website.  It’s an excellent choice to make, considering how popular the internet is. Whether you’re a business owner or an individual who just wants to have an online presence, you can benefit from having your own website.

Some might assume that in order to build a website, you must be a computer genius. Nothing could be further from the truth. All of the technology advances of the past ten years have made the majority of computer tasks incredibly simple. The same can be said for building one’s website. It’s really not as difficult as it previously was.

To build a website, you will need four things. These are a domain name, hosting (a server), a website design and an FTP client. Not sure what these are and what they mean? That’s alright. You’ll learn everything there is about it in the Steps.

Before you can begin the Steps, however, you should have one thing in mind: what you want your web site to look like. Choosing the look of your future web site can be a little bit scary, but it doesn’t have to be. You can choose to model your site after another web site. That may be a bit surprising, but the truth is, most web sites on the internet imitate other web sites. No, they don’t look exactly the same, but the scheme is pretty similar.

Choosing to model a web site can save you a lot of design work and will allow you to get your web site up even faster.

Things to Think About When Modeling a Site

What Is Your Site? If you are planning on creating a news site, you won’t want to model a guitar web site. Rather, you’ll want to model something like or When you determine what you want your site to do, you must then look at sites that are similar to yours and try to model after those.

What Functionality? You might not want the fancy scrolling news bar that one site has. Rather, you might want something much more simpler. That’s why thinking about what functionality you want is so important.

While it is a good idea to model another web site, it is not a good idea to completely copy it. Therefore, you should set out to create a web site that is not the exact same looking as the site you’re modeling. It should have some big differences that set it apart.

Step 1. Domain Registration – Selecting Your Domain Name

  1. How to select a domain name – Domain name best practices

Selecting a domain name isn’t exactly as cut and dry as you might expect it to be. First of all, how you choose a domain name will depend on what type of web site you are creating and what is available to you. What will also factor into your decision is what domain names are truly the best. To this end, knowing the best domain name practices will be quite helpful.

First Things First: Domain Types

Before we go over the best domain practices, it’s important to consider the domain types that are possibilities for you. These are:

.Com – The most common domain name extension that there is, and also the cheapest. .Com’s are useful for commercial, non-profit and non-commercial sites alike. They are generally considered to be the preferred type of domain because of how common they are. If you can get your domain name in a .Com, that is better than getting it in a .Net or .Org.

.Org – Generally speaking, .Org is used mainly for organizations and non-profits. Most commercial and personal web sites are not .Org for one reason: .Org gives off the impression that the web site in question is for an organization of some sort. Therefore, unless you are creating a web site that is for an organization, you should avoid .Org.

.Net – Next to .Com, this is the most common type of domain. It is recognized as being a legitimate type of domain and has nearly the same good appeal as does a .Com. Obviously, if you cannot reserve the domain name you want in .Com, .Net isn’t a bad option at all.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is an address at which your web site can be accessed. It essentially works like this:

  1. Someone types in the address of your web site (
  2. The domain takes the user to your web site

The files, which are accessed every time the user goes to your web site, are physically stored by something called a host. This is a topic that will be addressed later on in the guide, but for now, just realize that when you register a domain name, all it does is direct people to the physical location of your web site files.

The Best Practices

There are 5 best practices for domain name selection and these are:

  1. The Shorter the Better. Having a domain name that is easy to remember is really a key thing here, and when it is a bunch of letters long, it’s not going to be so easy to remember. People are more likely to remember a name like rather than something like Obviously, there will be some circumstances where it is necessary to have a longer domain, but for the most part, it’s best to get it as short as possible.
  1. Be Descriptive. Now, wait, you may be saying. We said in the last practice that it was best to be as short as possible. But now we’re saying you need to be descriptive. So which is it? Well, it’s both. You need to be both descriptive and as short as possible. In other words, instead of registering a domain name that is for a music site, why not describe the domain by registering instead? It tells prospective visitors what your site is about, while also being short and easy to remember. While you won’t be able to register that domain name, as it’s taken, you should be able to find a short, descriptive domain name for your site.
  1. Avoid Copyright Names. Have you ever visited a site with a domain name that contains the word “facebook” but isn’t at all a part of Facebook? Unfortunately, these domain names are commonly the target of lawsuits by the copyright holder, which is why you should avoid using a copyrighted word within your domain name. For instance, a domain name like could get you in trouble because the word “Google” is copyrighted.
  1. Go with a .Com First—Unless You are an Organization. As we previously mentioned, .Com’s are the most recognized type of domain name, and are thus preferable. If you can register a .Com with your desired name, rather than a .Net, you should do this. If, however, you are an organization—particularly a non-profit—then .Org might be a better choice.
  1. Don’t Be Afraid of .Net. You might be thinking that .Net domain names should be avoided. That couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, .Net domain names have only continued to gain in popularity over the past decade and are now almost as popular and recognizable as .Com’s. If you have picked out a name and can find it in .Net, but not .Com, take it. It should work out as well as if you registered a .Com, as long as you give it time to grow in popularity. A website is a certification to domiciliate in the Internet world. Internet visiting is merely watching the online world as a spectator, but building a website is the only way to get domicile in the Internet world.

The website building is the rare combination of the technical and the artistic skills. It requires careful planning, concentration, attention to detail and a diverse set of skills to build a website that’s impressive, catchy and sticky. The process of building a website basically involves the stages including website planning, content development, web designing & graphic, programming, getting domain name, website hosting, marketing & promotion, measuring the web traffic and website maintenance.

Website Planning: The website planning is actually determining the goals and objectives of a website and content planning. The content planning in fact utterly depends on the objectives of a website. The content of the website should target the high rated keywords and clearly define the objectives of the website. A good website is that which focuses on the target audience and offers the content based on their needs and interests. A website should possibly provide the unique & original content that is timely updated. A cleverly designed website not only attract web traffic, but also try to involve its visitors in the interactive activities such as feedbacks, users’ response, quizzes, chat rooms etc.

Content Development: The web content development important part of building a website. The content should be keyword rich, simple, and should target the wider range of audience. It should be well understood by an Internet layperson. It should be technically well structured with bold headlines, distinct passages, bullets etc. The blogs (articles) should neither be too long nor be too short and should be well paragraphed.

Web Designing & Graphic: It’s like preening up or embellishing a web page. The web designing & graphics beautify a website using various colors, fonts, designs, images, maps, pictures, animations, videos etc. The web designing & graphics are the works of aestheticism that help to make a website catchy and attractive.

Web Programming: The programming includes formatting the web pages.

What is HTML
the foundation of basic website editing used in full site design used in blog posts for most platforms

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), a document formatting language is used to create a web page. The language has codes for the placement of graphics on a web page, and helps to specify the text size, color and font. The HTML files are usually stored in ASCII (plain text) format, and that is why they can be easily transferred between computers using different operating systems. The HTML files can be displayed by all web browsers.

Getting Domain Name: The domain name the most cardinal thing in building a website. A website is nothing without a domain name. It’s the net address of a website. The domain name should target the highly rated keywords. A domain name is usually tagged with a Top Level Domain (TLD) such as .com, .org, .net, .info, .cc etc. The domain name can be created or also purchased.

Web Site Hosting: The website hosting in simple terms is web publishing. A website publishing requires a web server that keeps a website connected to the Internet all the time. There are many web hosting services providers. Once the website gets registered with a web hosting service, the web contents including text and images are copied and downloaded to the web server, which puts it online.

Marketing & Promotion Of A Website: The web marketing or web promotion is advertising and publicizing a website. There are numerous techniques used in marketing and web promotion such as registering a site with the search engines, link exchanging, affiliate programs, affiliate marketing, e-mail marketing etc.

Gauging The Web Traffic: Measuring the web traffic, tracking the website visitors, tracking the keywords that the visitors use to visit a website can help a web owner to improve the quality and ranking of a website. A web tracking software can provide bulks of info on the site visitors.

Website Maintenance: The web maintenance is keep watching that the website is running finely or not, updating the web content regularly, checking link functioning etc. The web maintenance is actually taking proper care of a website. A website management software, which helps check the link functioning automatically, can be a beneficial tool in the web maintenance.

Creating a Website is Easy, Fast and Affordable

Creating a website in Minutes!

The preparation is important, but the objective is vital. A set definite objective must be established to accomplish a thing in a big way.

The objective is very important to create a web site. A clear and well-defined objectives helps to create a beautifully sticky website. The objective of web site plays very important role in website planning, which is the initial step in creating a website.

The objective of a website clarifies the type of web site.

There are many types such as dating web site, adult web site, business web site, personal website, educational web site, health web site, kid web site, game web site, wedding web site, funny web site, real estate web site, teacher web site, family web site, music web site, school web site, porn web site, teen web site, ecommerce web site, organization web site, official website, company website etc. All these types of websites have their definite objectives.

The objective is in fact the major key to create a web site. It’s the major factor that determines the web content and web design, which are rather important to create a web site. In fact the web content is planned according to the objective of a website. For example, an adult web site will have adult stories, a business web site will have business blogs, and similarly the other websites will have info related to their respective objectives.

The web design is also completely based on the objective of a website. A web designer always keeps the objective of a website while designing a web page. The web page layout, page background, colors, fonts, designs, web graphics, images, maps, pictures, animations, & videos, are decided according to the objective of a website.

The web content and web design are the factors that play key role in fetching web traffic to website. The more web traffic signifies the more money online. Thus the objective to create a website, can greatly influence the web traffic, and consequently the online moneymaking. The best Internet principle is that the main objective to create a web siteshould be to make money online.

Advantages of Do it Yourself Web Design

  • you’re in charge of everything
  • only costs you your time
  • you know your vision
  • putting your website together is a good time to review and proofread
  • sense of accomplishment
  • complete artistic freedon
  • not dependent on someone elses work, time, effort
  • you will learn a lot about design, websites, and your own business

Disadvantages of Do it Yourself Web Design

  • It costs you your time that you could be using to do other things, such as promotion and product concepting.
  • It may have validation errors (although so do some professionally designed sites).
  • You’ll have to learn how if you don’t know how already.
  • You may need to purchase software to help you in design, adding to the cost – there are free programs but they may or not do what you want.
  • Only costs you your time.
  • You know your vision.

Advantages of Hiring a Web Designer

  • Frees up your extra time to do other important things to run your business
  • They bring experience to the table
  • They can bring a fresh set of eyes to look at what you’re doing and help you achieve your goal.
  • In most cases your website will get done faster
  • A professional design gives a professional first impression to visitors
  • They may add creativity to your site that you hadn’t thought of already
  • Sometimes this is less expensive when you figure it out by cost of your time, software, etc.
  • Will need less maintenance in the long term because the site is properly set up
  • Can install codes and make your website more interactive
  • They can test your website and compatibilty before putting it live and give you an evaluation, etc.

The secrets of Web Design Software

Using Web Design Software !

The thing software is an artifact that makes a computer dance on its own tunes. Software is a written program or procedure or rule and associated documentation associated with the operation of a computer system. The software is stored in read/write memory of a computer.

There are many types of software, and the web software is the class of software that is associated with building, promoting, developing, monitoring, and marketing a web site. The web design software is the software for designing a web page or web designing. The web design software is also termed as web page design software or web site design software

The web design software can easily manage website pages, images, graphic design, colors, website navigation, fonts, etc. It offers complete web site design solutions. It offers a wider range of incredible web designs.

The web designing is extremely important part of building a website. The web design plays key role in creating a sticky website i.e. the website that attracts great web traffic. The web designing embellishes the web pages, and thus makes a website interestingly absorbing.

Generally, an extreme attention is given to web design in the entire process of building a website a website. People hire the services of finest web designers to create a web site highly attractive.

The web design software works unbelievably to build a web site. It greatly reduces the total cost of building a website by minimizing the web designing & maintenance costs.

There are numerous web design software available online including free web design software, best web design software, easy web design software, cheap web design software, discount web site design software etc.

Website Building Tips

It is important to make sure that website that you are creating is not only unique but also is user friendly and responsive. A user must be able to easy find what he is looking for without getting frustrated or irritated. Here are tips for building a perfect website:

  1. Keep it clean and clutter free:
    Your website should be clutter free and clean. A clean website makes sure that user finds instantly what he is looking for, but also makes sure that website only offer, the information that is relevant. A website represents your business; a clutter-free website will symbolize your management skills. More orderly your website is, more users will prefer using it and visiting it.
  2. Web designing reconnaissance: 
    It is necessary to regularly analyze, evaluate and recon the web design regularly so that any kinks or problems can be regularly taken out of the equation and website can run smoothly. More smoothly the website runs, more remarkable it would look. All the kinks and problems will have no place in your website, if you recon your website regularly.
  3. Visually attractive:
    A website can only have more users visiting and a lot of loyal followers, if they attract them. It is necessary to make website visually fascinating to attract new users and keep old users engaged. Good color palette, simple background image and great content that what a website needs when built through web builder as web builder takes care of everything else – from coding to SEO.
  4. Make your text easy to read:
    Content is the one of the most necessary requirement to make a website successful. However, it is also crucial to make sure that the content can be read easily without any problem. Make sure that while building your website, you use scroll feature but not place more than two page content on a single page. Even the text paragraphs should be kept short and a single paragraph should not be more than 5 to 6 lines long.
  5. Create a sophisticated logo
    A logo is an imperative element of the brand; therefore, it is necessary to make sure that it is positioned perfectly on your site. A high-resolution image combined with a complimenting color palette can do wonders for the business. It is also considered a good rule of thumb to connect your logo to your home page so that visitors or users can easily navigate through it.
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