Company Holiday Party Tips

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Holiday partyThe holidays are the perfect time of the year to spend quality time with friends and family, and also with coworkers! Company parties have become a mainstay of the holiday season, whether or not people are excited by them or groan at the mere mention. A Christmas party can be a great opportunity to have people at your company further bond with each other, which makes for an overall more cohesive team. However, it’s a lot easier to set up a holiday party that nobody wants to be at than it is to create one that is actually worthwhile. Here are some tips to help you put together an excellent company holiday party…

Make it convenient

First of all, understand that your employees have a lot things going on in their lives outside of work around this time. The Christmas season has a knack of filling up people’s schedules, quickly. For this reason, it’s important to make sure that this company party isn’t more of a hassle than it’s worth. Coordinate with people around the office to check what times work well for them, and whether it’s more convenient to do a weekday or weekend. Possibly, it might be a good idea to just have it during work hours. Another general rule of thumb is to try to plan it early in the season, as things tend to get more hectic the closer it gets to the actual holiday.

Christmas office party

Put the right person in charge of planning

Usually, it’s better to delegate party planning to someone who is better suited for that type of thing. Some people just have a natural knack of knowing what people will like and what will be fun for them to do. Before the season begins, make sure to put somebody in charge of planning the Christmas party, so that they have time to put everything together. For this role, it’s usually better to pick someone who is generally outgoing. However, you shouldn’t place everything in their hands. It’s also important to follow this next step!

Take suggestions

If you want to put together a party that is fun for your employees, it helps to actually get their ideas on what would be fun. Well in advance, call everyone together to spitball some ideas of what people would consider to be fun, and what would make the party more enticing for people to come to. Not only will this help you get ideas, but it also shows that you value what your employees think and want, and that you care about what they have to say.

Stress safety

Celebrating for ChristmasAt company parties, people can relax a little bit around each other and let down their professional demeanor for a while. This is ideal, as it is what the whole point of throwing a party is about. However, as an employer, it is also your responsibility to make sure that people are safe when they are at work (or a work function). Safety is probably the lamest buzzword to associate with a party that you’ve ever heard, but it is nonetheless important to make sure that the environment is safe for everyone, and to keep any hazards to a minimum. This also means setting guidelines around any alcohol that might be offered at the party (as alcohol, while also helping people relax and socialize, is also the most probable reason why things might get out of hand).

Use branded gifts for your employees

Generally, it is expected that companies have some sort of gift for their employees at a company party (aside from the best company gift: Christmas bonus, baby!). If you’re aware of the benefits of offering your employees branded swag and promotional materials that they find useful, then it’s easy to recognize this as an ideal time to get some really nice swag items that are printed with your company’s brand, and then give them out to employees. This helps promote the company, and also builds the team’s unity around the company’s identity.

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