Business Card Tips for Bloggers

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By: Maurine Anderson

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If you consider yourself a serious blogger by any means, then it’s essential for you to have and carry business cards. It’s an expectation that you’ll have them when you attend any type of blogger event, and as this article details, business cards can actually carry a great deal of marketing power for your blog because they are tangible. A business card is also an easy way to encourage people to follow you on your social media pages, as this article details. Long story short, a business card is a powerful asset to have as a blogger. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you design business cards for your blog, so you can be sure your business cards will be as effective as they possibly can be.

Include all the essentials.

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First, you should know that there are some essentials that you should absolutely include on your business card. When designing your business card, be sure to include the following:

  • Blog logo/header
  • Tagline
  • Blog URL
  • Social media handles
  • Your name
  • Email address

As far as a tagline goes, you should come up with a short, one sentence summary of what your blog is all about. It should tell the person holding your business card what your blog is about and why it is relevant. If you’re a makeup blogger with a family who specializes in easy makeup tutorials, for example, maybe your tagline would be, “quick and easy makeup tutorials for busy moms.” You can also include your phone number if you plan on really networking with your business card, but many bloggers do not feel comfortable putting their phone number on their business card. So if you aren’t comfortable including your phone number, go ahead and skip it.

Be succinct.

You should aim to be as succinct as possible as you design your business cards. This will open up free room for you to have the design that you want, and it will give your business card a clean, professional look. Plus, who wants to have to squint to be able to read everything on your business card? Even though there are some essentials you should be sure to include on your business cards, there is still a lot you can do to be succinct. When writing out your blog URL, for example, eliminate http:// and www. When including your blog’s social media handles, consider including only the ones that you engage with regularly.

Use the back.

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The back of the business card is prime real estate for blog information, yet so many bloggers with business cards don’t make use of it. Consider including just the vital information on the front of your business card and putting, say, contact info on the back. Try to strike a balance between including all the essentials and keeping things clean, utilizing the back in a way that makes the most sense for your business card’s design.

Be consistent with your blog’s branding.

Your business card should really be a tangible extension of your online web builder presence. So, take note of the branding and styling you use on your website and social media outlets, and be sure to carry this over onto your business card. Use the same color palette, typefaces, logo, voice, etc.

Think outside the box.
A formal business might have to adhere to some strict guidelines when designing its business cards in order to look professional, but guess what? You’re a blogger. Your blog is founded upon your unique voice and creativity, and your business card should reflect that. Think outside the box as you design your business cards to set your blog apart from the rest and to give people a taste of what your blog is all about. If you’re a baking blogger, for example, maybe you’ll stamp some small glassine envelopes with your blog information and then fill each envelope with some sprinkles. If you’re a fashion blogger or hair stylist blogger, maybe the back of each business card will feature a mirror-like surface, along with your blog’s logo at the bottom-center (you might even make this the front of the business card). Or if you blog about music, maybe your business cards will be circular and resemble vinyl records. In short, toss out any preconceptions you have about what a business card should be and design something that truly reflects your blog’s personality.

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