9 Jobs You Didn’t Know You Could Travel For

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By: Maurine Anderson

Many people have a dream of traveling for work when they get older, getting paid to visit countries they may never get the chance to see otherwise. And there are a number of jobs that you probably think of first when you think of traveling for work—flight attendant, State Department executive, photographer, actor, and travel writer, for example. But you don’t have to have one of these traditional jobs in order to get paid to travel. Here is a look at ten jobs that you probably didn’t know you could travel for.


The majority of physicians work in permanent positions—that is, they are assigned to one or two specific practices and perform most of their work in one geographic location. But if you become a locum tenens physician, who fills temporary needs at healthcare practices around the country, you can potentially travel anywhere in the country for work, changing locations as often or infrequently as you wish. In addition, as this article about travel doctors points out, there are a number of special physician positions that typically require frequent travel. Physicians who work for the government, volunteer for nonprofits, or who work in sports medicine, for example, often get asked to travel for work as well.

Fitness or Sports Instructor

While on the subject of health, there is also the option of traveling as a freelance fitness or sports instructor. Whether you teach yoga, pilates, zumba, surfing, rock climbing, or work as a personal trainer, you can potentially find work with a cruise line, destination resort, backpacker hostel, or international gym. Fit Bodies, Inc. is an example of one agency that organizes fitness “teaching vacations” all around the world.

Massage Therapist

You guessed it—the same rules that apply to fitness and sports instructors who are willing to travel apply to massage therapists as well. Trained therapists can get paid to offer their services to weary travelers in popular tourist destinations at resorts, on cruise ships, at hotels, etc.


The same agencies that organize fitness teaching vacations are also often looking to send DJs around the world. This article has some great tips on how you can become a professional DJ.

English Teacher

Okay, so you probably knew that English teachers exist and are employed all around the world. But what you may not have known is just how great the need for English teachers truly is worldwide. This means that getting a job as an English teacher abroad is easier than you might think. Many countries have programs that are designed to attract native English speakers who are willing and able to teach English to young children. (Note: You may need a college degree and TEFL certification to qualify.)

Hotel Employee

Find work at any international hotel chain, and you just might be able to transfer to an international location down the road. Alternatively, you might consider finding work in a hostel abroad, which might offer you a free room in exchange for helping keep the hostel tidy for a couple of hours each day. The latter option won’t give you much pay, but it will give you free rent as you look for other work opportunities while abroad.


Do you have experience as a sound technician, lighting technician, rigger, stagehand, or instrument technician? Typically, the bigger the artist, the more travel opportunities you’ll find. You could even end up spanning multiple continents if you’re with a big-name artist. Keep in mind, however, that work as a roadie typically means you’ll be spending a lot of time on the road, with not so much down time.

Retail Buyer

Retail buyers are responsible for monitoring in-store inventory, identifying industry and consumer trends, and making decisions about which products a company should sell. They often have to travel quite a bit for their jobs, as they attend vendor meetings, trade shows, and conferences all across the country (or even all across the globe if the company outsources internationally).


Many people overlook the coveted occupation of publicist, where it is your job to strengthen personal relations, manage tours, and help market major new releases such as books or films. A publishing company, for example, might hire a publicist to help escort authors to book signings and TV show appearances. Publicists are often asked to travel because their marketing work takes them to events all across the country.

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